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    報告題目:Calling for Transparency: Evidence from a Field Experiment



    報告地點:騰訊會議(會議ID: 343 716 196)



    We examine how firms respond to requests for enhanced disclosure that we make on an online investor platform. Exploiting variation in firms’ customer and supplier disclosures, we ask a randomized set of non-disclosing firms to provide information on their customers’ and suppliers’ identities. We find that the firms’ probability of disclosure depends on the basis we give for the demand—requests appealing to disclosure’s usefulness to investors lead to more frequent disclosure, while those appealing to preference of regulators lead to less frequent disclosure. The requests we make on the platform lead to more frequent customer- and supplier-related inquiries from other platform users. We also find that the treatment firms’ disclosure of customer and supplier information improves in the next period’s regulatory filings. The findings suggest that investor platforms can enhance corporate transparency by increasing retail investors’ ability to demand information.





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